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News: The 20 Teams in Europe that sell the most T-shirts today

Article Date(s):02/06/2020

Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona shirt of Barcelona 2020 lead this economic classification of clubs that generate the most money in the sale of uniforms.

shirt of Barcelona

Football team jerseys are still among people's favorite gifts. Many people are to surprise their loved ones with some uniform of their favorite club and it is then because of this the study carried out by the consultancy 'PR MARKETING', which relates the statistics of the 20 teams in Europe that most shirts sold between the 2011-2012 and 2015-2016 seasons.

shirt of Barcelona 2020

The ranking made and published by the British entity of the most commercialized garments in the sports market, replica retro football shirts is led by a Manchester United that is ratified as a money-making machine for its main sponsors. The English team far outperforms Real Madrid of Spain, who is in second position in this ranking. More generally, Teams from England stop in this team standings that sell the most jerseys today. I'll leave you with the full listing.